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Victoria Gerards- Head of HR management:

The reason why I chose you was that I was looking for a small boutique who can deliver individual service and where I can have a personal relationship with the recruiter and am not customer no 12.586 with priority 12.585.

Andrew Jones, Sales & Marketing Manager

I have worked with Prestige Appointments on a number of recruitment projects. Whenever I have worked with the team at Prestige I have found that it is the quality rather than the quantity of candidates that have set her apart. They have the ability to not only understand the core requirements that we are looking for but to manage the expectations of both client and candidate extremely well throughout the process. Prestige Appointments response rate is first class and the feedback I receive from candidates that have been placed with us is that Prestige have not only represented our business with the up most professionalism but they can also relate to candidates on a personal level and it is has often been their influence that has led to a candidate choosing our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Prestige Appointments.

Ros Marshall, Senior HR Business Partner

I use prestige as they invest time at the start in developing the right relationship with the client, as this enables them to understand the business, and the culture to ensure they find the right candidate. Prestige spend time talking to the hiring manager to ensure they have a good all round understanding of the role being recruited for and work to find the perfect match. Prestige are flexible in their approach, they work in partnership with their clients to fill the vacancy.

I find that prestige are different to a number of agencies as they really care about placing the right person and would rather send fewer high calibre candidates than 20 lesser quality. I enjoy the relationship that I have with both James & Adele as I find that they both are approachable, they listen and respond to the needs and provide good quality feedback

Simon Wells, VP of International HR

Adele has always provided a cost effective service and a good selection of suitable candidates even for those difficult to fill niche positions.

She takes considerable trouble to understand our Company and in supporting line managers through the recruitment process from the briefing stage to fulfilment and on boarding.

Rupert Curthoys, Customer Service Manager

I have been using Prestige Appointments for about three years now. During that time they have developed a superb working relationship with us, and we consider Prestige a key component in our recruitment process. We are impressed by their attention to detail, understanding of each vacancy, appreciation our corporate values and, in particular, we respect their integrity and honesty. We have also found Prestige Appointments to be consistent in their approach and results.”.

Lin Adams, HR Manager

Over the years that we have used Prestige, Adele and her team have always been prepared to invest time to come out to visit us to discuss our vacancies in detail. This includes getting to know the manager of the department to gain a good understanding of how the team operates and how the vacancy fits into the activities of the team. Adele is always very thorough and seeks to understand the role fully to get a feel for the type of candidate we are looking for as well as the competencies required of the successful candidate.

Additionally, Adele has taken a lot of time to understanding our business and our Core Values so she is able to, not only submit candidates whose competencies meet those required for the role, but find a good fit for the team and the business. We know that we can rely on Adele and her team for their professional service and ability to submit quality candidates.

Cassie Ormand, HR Director

Adele and Prestige have helped us to fill numerous roles across our business in a variety of functions including finance, procurement, planning sales and administration. Through her in depth questioning and relentless drive to ensure she understands our needs she has also helped to ensure that as a company we are absolutely clear on the type of person we are looking for and why. This has been helpful for us on more than one occasion. Combining this with the fact that Adele has a great sense of what a “Rexam person” looks like has meant that we get good quality candidates through the door for interview each and every time. We really appreciate the time, effort and scrutiny Adele puts in to meeting and vetting all the candidates she sends to us; it means that even when a CV might not appear to be what we are looking for she can put forward a clear case as to why we should meet them…we have never regretted this and in a number of cases go on to hire these people!! Adele is a true partner for us, someone I can be honest with and no I will get honesty, commitment and professionalism in return.

Andy Mends, Director of Operations

The reason I recommended Adele, is that she achieves great results, delivers on time and displays attention to every detail of your candidate requirements. She genuinely cares and she works so hard to get the results you are looking for. In my experience, successful candidates, recruited by Adele consistently work out well and she has the drive and the flexibility to deliver against both highly bespoke specific profiles as well as generic requirements

Alex Lovett, Executive Team Coordinator

Adele provides a personal, thorough, and highly efficient service, sourcing and vetting high calibre candidates that meet the brief every time. In nearly a decade of recruitment using a third party, I've never found the process as enjoyable as I have since working with Prestige Appointments - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adele.

Jenny James, HR Director

Many years ago I was looking for a new challenge and a new job, this is where my relationship with James Webb commenced, James was extremely helpful, his communication skills are fantastic, always keeping you advised both verbally and in writing. I found James to be supportive and honest. As an HR professional it was the good customer service skills that made me contact James when I was running a recruitment campaign. Prestige know exactly what the customer wants, you get a feel that they really are in touch with the business requirements so they are presenting first class candidates to a business that not only match the skill set criteria but the culture. This is what really stands out about using Prestige so many competitors present good candidates that do not match the culture of the business. I love the constant communication you receive from Prestige, you feel as if the Prestige are one of your own employees – great customer service and great service – what more could you want!

Kim Dickson, HR Business Partner

They act as a Business Partner working with us to meet our recruitment needs by gaining a full understanding of the role and the business/ culture. In addition they will challenge us if we haven’t pitched the vacancy right – and they know the market better than we do – this Business Partner approach means we are getting the best candidates and most suitably matched applicants. Most agencies are happy with the general information you provide, but Prestige Appointments will challenge us until they feel they have a full understanding of our requirements and enough information to attract the right people.

Sandie Simms, Head of Marketing

What you see is what you get, no gimmicks, just a hard working team that understands your business (if they don’t initially – they learn very quickly). Focused on your needs (and it’s not a “one size fits all” approach!)… And they’re a fun team to work with too!

Prestige truly support candidates and clients alike ensuring they have all the necessary support and advice to make the right decisions. They are serious about recruitment – it’s not a numbers game! But quality rather than quantity. Recruitment solutions based on knowledge and insight.

Andy Page, VP of Finance

Adele, my experience is that Prestige have a good understanding of the need for personality and attitudinal/ soft skills fit into a team, as well as a good technical fit to the qualifications and experience needed, relative to the JD. For many of our trickier roles (particularly managerial and those with high cross functional or large numbers of people interactions) this can equate to more than 50% of whether a candidate is successful. A boss once said to me ‘hire for attitude’ and in many ways this is correct as I can train technical and some soft skills but ingrained attitudes and personality biases are hard to change. The reason that I think you can help us in this way is that you take the time to meet the main people in the business who will work with a candidate and also have a pretty good appreciation of Acco’s overall culture. At interview I believe you are able to deploy this to give a higher quality shortlist than if I used a company that did not take this approach and conversely give candidates a good insight to the people they would be working with thus selling the job to the candidate.

Matt King, HR Business Partner

I've known Adele for over 5 years, both as a client and candidate, and throughout that time I have been consistently impressed by the quality of delivery and the professional standards on display. It is testament to Adele’s determination and personal pride that excellence has become the “norm”. I thoroughly enjoy our interactions and value her advice and guidance; I have no hesitation in recommending Adele and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

Sue Wiseman, Head of HR & Support Services

Adele is one of the most professional and driven people that I know. Having worked with her for many years, Adele has set the standard by which I judge all other recruiters but it would be fair to say that few others can match her standard of work. Her work is always delivered to a consistently high standard as a result of her pride in understanding the company she is working for and her genuine belief in matching the right candidate to both the role and the culture of the business. I am pleased to recommend Adele as I have the utmost confidence that any potential client will enjoy the experience of working with someone as personable, trustworthy and dedicated as I know her to be.