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Case Studies

Adam Chapman, Global Director of Marketing

I’ve been working with Prestige for nearly 10 years now, both from a personal standpoint and for sourcing good quality people for my business. Most recently, working in a technology company dedicated to the oil and gas industry, I was in a fairly unique situation of being able to build up the marketing department from scratch.

After getting the basics in place in 6 months, it was time to build a team out to support the business as usual functioning of the department and go to the next level. The first place I went to was Prestige – knowing I needed to move not just quickly, but to get the ‘right’ people in place, I knew the team there understood not just the technicalities of my industry but arguably more importantly, the culture of the existing team and me.

This meant the employment cycle time was drastically reduced, as I only interviewed candidates who were really a good fit for the roles on offer. Having to chase up a recruiter and wasting time on ‘filler’ candidates is the number one bug bear I have with recruitment – after all what is the point of using a recruiter if you end up doing the work yourself? This is why I use Prestige time and again – right candidates, right approach to me as a client and in the end, the right hires!