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7th July 2017

The value of a great question

How your candidate’s answers can affect your recruitment selection Did you know that even the best candidates can alter your selection process?  Incredible as it sounds, the approach, direction and answers your candidates deliver can determine their suitability for your open role. Choosing a candidate based on one area alone can be detrimental if the … Continue reading “The value of a great question”

10th June 2017

How to expand your recruitment advertising & shift from gender-focused content!

4 simple steps to reduce gender bias through recruitment adverts When we are creating a recruitment advert, not only do we embrace the job specifications but we ensure that each advert is attracting a candidate based on professional history, candour and skill sets and not segregated to one factor alone.   Diversity is paramount for … Continue reading “How to expand your recruitment advertising & shift from gender-focused content!”

27th April 2017

Creating waves through clever answers (From a candidates perspective)

It’s the beginning of the year and suddenly you’ve found yourself launched into the job-hunting environment; scouring endless recruitment adverts; signing up with local agencies and trying to extend your creativity through a polished 2-page CV. But the journey doesn’t stop once an interview has been confirmed and after 20 years in the industry I … Continue reading “Creating waves through clever answers (From a candidates perspective)”

20th February 2017

AI versus Humans: can mobile technology really replace human interactivity in recruitment?

Technology advances have greatly changed how companies and consumers communicate, react and buy into products and services.  With companies, across all industries, rapidly racing to find innovative channels to communicate with consumers; customer’s demands for better interactivity across multiple devices are on the increase. After over a decade of being in the job allocation process, … Continue reading “AI versus Humans: can mobile technology really replace human interactivity in recruitment?”

20th January 2017

Attract and recruit! (Employer’s perspective)

Fifteen years in the recruitment industry can certainly give you a colourful spectrum of common mistakes.  One area which I see time and time again, is a stagnated and protocol ticking interview; with candidates walking out rather than breaking the door to get in! You’ve spent time and money developing your employer brand; you’ve exhausted every … Continue reading “Attract and recruit! (Employer’s perspective)”

18th December 2016

Here’s to the end of our financial year

As we come to a close this year. Wishing you all the best. Adele and the Prestige team! Just a quick tip from us: With fewer employers recruiting this side of Christmas, a well timed recruitment push will mean you have access to a full talent pool of candidates, with the potential to take your … Continue reading “Here’s to the end of our financial year”

20th November 2016

How do you know when to quit?

Finding a new job can be a difficult but not impossible process.  Deciding whether to leave a job or move on is the challenge. Have you ever felt that your role has held you back? Restrained you from progressing out of your department and into a more senior role.  Are you struggling to decipher what … Continue reading “How do you know when to quit?”

28th October 2016

Understanding our audience

Having spent over 17 years in the recruitment industry, I have certainly seen a lot of changes. Technology has shaped how we communicate with candidates and evolving cultures has shifted the language and tone we utilise to advertise job roles. Gone are the days of a standard job advert and pen to paper communication; instead … Continue reading “Understanding our audience”