Creating waves through clever answers (From a candidates perspective)

It’s the beginning of the year and suddenly you’ve found yourself launched into the job-hunting environment; scouring endless recruitment adverts; signing up with local agencies and trying to extend your creativity through a polished 2-page CV.

But the journey doesn’t stop once an interview has been confirmed and after 20 years in the industry I can certainly vouch for that!

Now is the time to present your experience, define your character and create an impression on your potential employer but what should you do that doesn’t dampen your chances in a new role?

Don’t fail at the first hurdle and let me show you how to make an amazing interviewee:

Knowledge is power: Ensure that you have fully digested the job role, understanding what is expected, what the role requires and noting the requested skill sets.  Integrate this knowledge throughout the interview, showing your potential employer that you are the right candidate for the role, providing examples supporting the job’s requirements through your answers.

Show enthusiasm: If a company can see motivation and enthusiasm from their candidate, they can also see potential for a loyal and valued employee that could grow their company.

 Listen and integrate feedback: The best candidate is one who listens to the interviewer’s questions and integrates feedback into their answers, showing the employer that instructions are listened, actioned and can be executed accordingly.

Add value: Predictable questions such as ‘why work here’, ‘what would you bring to the company’ and ‘where do you see yourself in five years’ time’ are always expected, so be prepared!  Add value to your answers and give them answers they ‘haven’t’ heard such as ‘Working here will cure my addiction to Game of thrones’ or ‘I’d bring chocolate biscuits and tea to the company’ and ‘I see myself outsourcing fishing to Eskimos in five years’ time’.  Humour is everything in an interview if integrated sensibly and cleverly!

Be human:  Your interviewers are people too, therefore, avoid robotic answers.  They would have heard these before and instantly it would diminish your impression.  Offer questions about the role and about the company that has spiked your curiosity when applying for the role but be creative and inspiring with your answers.

Most of all be sincere.  Never lie in an interview as often, you will be caught out.  If you cannot perform a task or are under-qualified, then offer positive answers to their questions.  Instead of ‘no I cannot do that’, advise that you have not quite carried that task out but have done this, this and this instead and are always willing to undertake in-house training at any given opportunity.

A successful interview is one where you leave your interviewers smiling.  Whether it results in a job offering or not is insignificant.  You just set the bench mark of a great interviewee for your potential employer!